We empower IT networks to combat cyber-crime. Our solutions keep our clients resources safe from malware at lowest TCO

iDERAS is a Hybrid Network Platform (HNP) – which is an evolution of multi-function security and network appliance such as unified threat management (UTM). Unlike a UTM, iDERAS is built on an iDERAS hybridOS, an open, modular and customisable software platform to deliver core networking and security functions.




Advanced Firewall

Protect computers and servers with this critical function



Detect and clean viruses and other malware


Web/Content Filtering
Filter web, document and media file content to limit access and detect threats



Prevent spam and reduce threats related to email messages

The flexibility and reliability of iDERAS makes it the next generation network security solution.


Access Control

Authenticate and manage users of varied credentials in your network


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Your network is safe against intrusion attacks


Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Take action by detecting intrusion attempts


WiFi Security
Ensure that your wireless networks are as strongly protected as your wired network


iDERAS is globally qualified under Common Criteria Evaluation Asssurance Level 2 (EAL2) having endured network hacking tests as per ISO/IEC 15408.


proxy-network Proxy Server
Centralise management of cross-network and Internet access to your network

vpn-secureVirtual Private Networking (VPN)
Remotely connect several offices while ensuring security and functionality

forensics-networkAudit Trail
Comprehensive audit log reports and tools allow to trace attacks and attack attempts

Government Agencies

Governments agencies have the highest requirements for the security of desktops, laptops, network equipment and servers. iDERAS is currently being used by the government – a solid proof of the robustness of the solution.

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Enterprise Solution

Enterprise deployment requires large number of users. Managing security policies across a variety of devices from desktop, laptops and mobile can become complex. iDERAS streamlines the network security, be it wired or wireless networks across several locations.

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Small Business

For small and medium sized business with increasing needs of security across a variety of devices from desktop to laptops. iDERAS streamlines the network security, be it wired or wireless networks.

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