Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise deployment requires large number of users. Managing security policies across a variety of devices from desktop, laptops and mobile can become complex. iDERAS streamlines the network security, be it wired or wireless networks across several locations.

IDERAS is suited for enterprise deployment for the following reasons:

  • Upgradable and ScalableEach iDERAS appliance can be deployed with lower capacity and then upgraded to support 2000 concurrent users. Multiple iDERAS appliances can be tied together to serve even higher number of users to nearly 10,000.
  • Multi-location Networks & VPNMultiple iDERAS appliances can be deployed are different offices of an enterprise. A VPN over Wide Area Network can be deployed without compromising security aspects of such a deployment.
  • Proven Case StudiesGovernment and military use is a strong testimonial of the scalability of iDERAS, which has correctly identified, audited and stopped several potential breaches
  • Complete range of network security functionsiDERAS combines all the functions of firewall, IDS/IPS, content filtering, authentication, anti malware, VPN – as detailed in the Key Features section.
  • CustomisationFor select customers, Infosys Gateway provides consulting and customisation of iDERAS to ensure a complete network security initiative

The diagram below shows the sample network topology for deployment in a large multi-office environment:



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