Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Governments agencies have the highest requirements for the security of desktops, laptops, network equipment and servers. IDERAS is currently being used by the government – a solid proof of the robustness of the solution.

IDERAS is suited for government  deployment for the following reasons:

  • Audit Trail Allows to detect both inbound and outbound communications to the government network. Detailed logs and the ability to identify the source and destination of the breach is critical to ensuring national security.
  • Large Volume and Scalability Each iDERAS appliance can support 2000 concurrent users. Multiple iDERAS appliances can be tied together to serve even higher number of users to nearly 10,000 – widely sufficient for any section of a government agency.
  • Complete range of network security functions iDERAS combines all the functions of firewall, IDS/IPS, content filtering, authentication, anti malware, VPN – as detailed in the Key Features section.

The diagram below shows the sample network topology for deployment in a government environment:



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