iDERAS Unified Network Security

iDERAS Unified Network Security

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  • To provide greater detection and efficiency rates for a higher level of security to our clients.
  • Designed to firmly combat new types of cyber-crime
  • To keep one step ahead in the fight against computer threats.
  • To provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for enterprise-grade unified threat management.


iDERAS is a Hybrid Network Platform (HNP) – which is an evolution of multi-function security and network appliance such as unified threat management (UTM). Unlike a UTM, iDERAS is built on an iDERAS hybridOS, an open, modular and customisable software platform to deliver core networking and security functions.

iDERAS this offers all the benefits of a UTM, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of network security for mid-size, enterprise and government. iDERAS has networking features that are not present in other UTM products and a centralized easy to use console to enable efficient security management.

With proven implementations in the Malaysian government and Malaysian Navy, iDERAS is globally qualified under Common Criteria Evaluation Asssurance Level 2 (EAL2) having endured network hacking tests as per ISO/IEC 15408.

The flexibility and reliability of iDERAS makes it the next generation network security solution.


Key Features

Do away with the traditional server rack that was required to protect your complete network. iDERAS is a simple plug and play solution with the following key features:




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